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Microwave Parts & Accessories Connersville, IN.

Makeover your microwave with a selection of microwave parts and accessories from Sears Hometown Stores, in Connersville, IN. Whether your microwave is a built in model or a countertop microwave our trim kits give your microwave a polished finish. Find the matching parts and accessories by simply selecting the size, color and brand of your microwave. Our trim kits are available for microwaves of all different brands and are sure to make you feel like you’ve had a full kitchen makeover. Come browse our selection of microwave parts and accessories at 105 West 24th Street in Connersville, IN. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out our other home improvement accessories like laundry accessories and tool storage accessories and make your home feel like new. Wondering about other ways to enhance your kitchen? Get ideas from our kitchen appliance experts by calling (765) 827-4500 or follow us Facebook to see how the Sears Hometown Stores community is improving their kitchens.