Portable Washers

Portable Washing Machines in Sault Ste Marie, MI

Shop at Sears Hometown Stores in Sault Ste Marie, MI for affordable prices on portable washing machines. Perfect for small apartments or compact spaces, a portable washing machine can be easily moved to a storage area for convenience after your load is complete.

At Sears Hometown Stores in Sault Ste Marie, our portable washers feature a single wash and spin speed that reliably cleans your clothes load after load. Did you know you can save water and energy when you do laundry? Choose from 7 different water levels to save water and without compromising cleaning performance. The best option for someone looking to save space in their home, our portable washing machines feature three wash and rinse temperatures, delivering better cleaning results and extending the life of your fabrics.

For information and assistance, call us at (906) 635-6900, or come into the Sault Ste Marie store at 1140 West Three Mile Road Sault Ste Marie to meet with one of our portable washing machine experts. Check out our Facebook page for exclusive deals and store updates.

Sears Hometown Stores Sault Ste Marie, MI offers a variety of options of portable washing machine accessories as well as great sale prices on other appliances for the home like ovens, dishwashers, and disposals.