Lawn Care Equipment

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Lawn Care Equipment: Hatchets, Fertilizers & other Gardening Tools

While there are many major pieces of equipment and tools necessary for a proper lawn and garden care, the smaller and everyday lawn care equipment shouldn't be ignored. Fortunately, at Sears Hometown Stores, we have it all. Having a lush and beautiful garden and a green healthy lawn requires power tools like the right mower and trimmer, but also requires good fertilizers, weed killers, and plant food. With the right weed control, you can keep your lawn healthy and save yourself extra work from having to pull out as many weeds later on. And while grass shears and hedge trimmers are necessary for a clean and sharp yard, you also need a quality pair of gardening gloves to yield them with.

Sears Hometown Stores also has all the lawn accessories and parts you may need for your lawn care equipment, including trimmer lines and parts, chainsaw accessories, garden scissors, hatchets, pruners and so much more. Get your lawn care equipment, garden hoses and sprinklers, and even outdoor storage units to keep it all in, at Sears Hometown Stores today!