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Air & Water Appliances: Shop for Humidifiers, Air Purifiers, Water Heaters & More!

At Sears Hometown Stores we know the quality of your air and water is one of the most important things to pay attention to in a household, if not the most important one of all. Whether it's for comfort or health reasons, you always want to make sure your drinking water system, water heater, air purifier and other air and water appliance, are of top quality. At Sears Hometown Stores you can choose from top brands like Kenmore, BESTAIR, and Honeywell and enjoy clean air and water and comfortable temperatures year-round. Pick the perfect water heater for you, whether it's electric or natural gas water heater, or anything in between. Shop for room humidifiers and dehumidifiers and enjoy a clean, comfortable air when it's too dry or too humid outside. If your water filter needs a replacement, we have a variety of products for you to select from. No matter what your air and water needs are, we at Sears Hometown Stores got you covered.